At Pilates Vita, we give our clients more than a great workout — we also help them gain the knowledge and self-awareness of body and mind they need to create full balance in a healthy and happy life.




 My name is Patricia A. Robinson a Physical therapist and a Master Pilates instructor. During my 18 years in the Pilates world, I had the privilege of learning and working with two first-generation teachers who were trained by Joseph Pilates himself. I also have had the privilege of certifying teachers in several different countries myself, and have developed my own Pilates certification training and studio franchising program in the United States.

Pilates is an intelligent system that allows the person to work with more quality and less repetition. It was build over the logical integration from the mechanism of the movement  with full body control. What Joseph Pilates first called the “Contrology method,” which came to be known as “Pilates” after he passed. 

To be able to work with a higher level performance and quality that the method request of give full attention to the clients, in our studios, we give privates sessions, duets, and small classes restricted only to 4 clients at the time. In our studios, our goal is to be able to train clients to understand their movements and develop conscious control over them. We work with clients of any age, with any mind and body problems. Our goal is to help anyone achieve their goals and develop a strong body and mind. In Pilates we work with strength and stretches, combined with very precision movements that can correct posture and create a totally new body and way of life for clients in a couple of months.


Three types of sessions, so you can find the approach to Pilates that is best for you.


Private Sessions

One-to-one sessions for clients who want instruction in a private setting, and for new students to learn the foundational skills needed to join group classes.


Duet Sessions

Bring a partner along with you to the studio and share your workout experience together, with the same exercises and equipment, and experience as our one-on-one sessions.


Group Sessions

Limited to four students so the instructor can give each participant the attention they need to workout safely and get the greatest benefit out of their studio time.