About Pilates Vita

“VITA” means “LIFE” in Italian. Joseph Pilates wanted to bring people back to life, to a healthy and balanced life. That is our goal as well: find in your core the center of strength and in your mind the happiness of your life.

Our mission at Pilates Vita is to teach our clients all about their bodies and how they can easily follow the seven key principles of Joseph Pilates: Centering, Control, Concentration, Coordination, Breath, Flow, and Precision.  The goal within these exercises is to achieve each of those principles. As the body gains strength through practice and repetition, you will learn to focus mentally and execute moves no matter how difficult it looks in the beginning.

 We will achieve this by offering the highest quality of the authentic Pilates method, through teachers who care about each student’s mind and body. By maintaining a positive, friendly, calm, clean and beautiful atmosphere, we can definitely be successful in all of our programs develop to each client on the group or into private sessions.


About Patricia Robinson, Owner

I’m a certified Pilates instructor and a Pilates Method Alliance member, with extensive training in both Classic & Contemporary Pilates. I’m originally from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, where I studied dance, the arts, journalism and later physical therapy in USA.

Through my years in these fields, I developed a passion for body movement, fitness, nutrition and natural cures. I then took an extensive educational program in Holistic Body Healing Therapy. This work has changed my life in many ways.

The introduction of Pilates into my life, complemented my existing knowledge and experiences related to healing the body and fitness at the same time. For me, Pilates is a healing process, a workout and most importantly, a pleasure of helping people to connect better with their body & mind.

In 2000 in Rio, I had my first contact with the Pilates Method and for almost 20 years since then, it became my life. In 2002, when I first moved to the US in Manhattan, I practiced in 3 different studios.

I was fortunate to learn from two wonderful Master teachers who were directly certified by Joseph Pilates himself. These first-generation teachers gave me the passion to become a master teacher that I’m today in the world of Pilates.

In 2003, I moved to San Francisco where I continued my Pilates training, and in 2006 after moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, I decided to dedicate my life full time to Pilates and Physical Therapy.

I opened my first Pilates Vita studio in Denver, Colorado, where I lived for 8 years teaching pilates everyday. There I not only had the pleasure of teaching my clients, but also started my own Pilates Certification program for teacher trainees. I called them my kids. I trained some amazing teachers who continue to spread the seed of their knowledge with the same passion that I helped others.

Over the last 4 years I spent developing an amazing Pilates Retreat on the beautiful Dutch & French Caribbean island of St. Maarten. There I was fortunate to work with clients from all over the world speaking & teaching in 4 different languages. I’m so grateful for this experience. Plus I from there I made some incredible lifelong friends around the globe. 

At the retreat I created some videos and workshops introducing new Pilates exercises for specific injuries, surgeries and other medical issues, such as scoliosis, sciatic neck, and knee problems, as well as specific programs for Pregnancy & Post-Partum.

In 2017 after Hurricane Irma devastated St. Maarten & St. Barth, I decided to leave the islands and repeat my Caribbean retreat intimate studio experience again in cities like San Francisco, London, Paris, and Rome. In 2018 a Pilates Vita wellness retreat opened in San Francisco by one of the most sensitive trainees that I had the pleasure of be teaching.

In May 2019 a new Pilates Vita studio will be open in London. Like the San Francisco location, this will be the first European boutique studio offering a personalized Pilates & holistic wellness practice in a very private space. Pilates sessions will be only to 1 to 4 clients per session, with a very personalized instruction and physical therapy guidance even in a group setting. 

I’m a true believer in the Pilates Method, combined with holistic & natural healing what I have been practicing for 2 decades. It has had such a positive impact on my body, mind and life as in the life of the ones that had the privilege to touch with my work.

I believe we start to die at the day that we think we know everything. So for me the science of body movement is an infinite world of continuous learning. I keep increasing my studies and knowledge to find new ideas for my courses that will help me develop future generations of great teachers every day.

Whether this is your initial introduction to Pilates, or you have already experienced the joy of practice, I would greatly enjoy being your teacher in this life-changing journey of body movement reeducation. As Joseph Pilates would say: “Pilates will bring you back to life!”

Welcome back to life with the conscious of your movements at Pilates Vita in Europe now!


The Studio

Pilates Vita is small studio where you can participate in group classes with a maximum of 4 people in each session, to ensure that you will get the personalised attention required by the real Pilates method.

Pilates Vita offers high quality training in the authentic Pilates Method, and only those who have completed an extensive certification program over years of apprenticeship are accepted to teach at the studio. 

It is necessary for each teacher to have an understanding of the entire system of over 500 exercises, modifications, and variations, in order to prevent injuries, handle current injuries appropriately, understand physical limitations, use equipment safely, and most importantly, know how to adjust to different clients.

Like everything in nature people’s bodies are not the same and each one need more or less of each exercise, what we can easily adapt this needs in our small groups.

Each of our instructors must keep up with their training by attending Continuing Education courses, conferences, and taking sessions from master teachers.